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Corporate Gifs πŸ‘”

Download corporate gifs to illustrate your company. They will bring an interactive side to your content and help you lower your customer acquisition cost on your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

The gifs are simple, uncluttered, and above all effective for the transmission of information. Their cheerfulness helps you to understand the message in all simplicity. An effective asset to optimize your online advertising.

The gif is the acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. It refers to a small animation.

After its first appearance in 1987, it lost its notoriety with the emergence of more sophisticated media. It is in 2012 that gifs make their comeback on the web.

The gif has not only a humorous character in the professional world. It is also used in companies. Whether you are a freelancer, a company or a web agency you can use them for your online advertising.


Almost every company has a website today. This tool is necessary to increase your visibility and meet consumer expectations.

Among other things, social networks allow you to increase traffic to your site. The regular publication of publications on facebook strengthens your business.

Using a corporate gif allows you to have the freshness effect that your targets need. These are formats that everyone understands and appreciates.

From your professional facebook page, illustrate your publications by inserting animated gifs because they are entertaining and generate a good rate of engagement.

If you are a business manager or a coach and want to know the tools you need for teamwork, animated company gifs will be a great help.

Similarly, if you want to know the keys to increase your company’s sales, the techniques to make your meetings more efficient, or train your staff to increase their productivity, animated gifs are perfectly what you need.

The company gif format allows you to increase the number of visitors on your facebook page. This network offers more possibilities thanks to its unlimited traffic unlike google adwords which is limited to the number of searches on a keyword.

For a facebook advertising campaign, it is necessary to propose to the Internet users a good visual to impress them. To do this, use animated company gifs. They will lower the cost per click (CPC) of your advertising campaigns.


Intagram allows companies to publish content to share it with millions of people around the world. Bringing your Intagram account to life requires meticulous work.

Indeed, animating an instagram account requires the use of high quality images for a satisfactory result.

Including corporate gifs in your instagram stories helps you to easily expand your audience. Since its acquisition by facebook, this platform has been a real success.

To succeed on this social network, it is essential to privilege quality over quantity to inspire your subscribers.

If you are a business owner or promote goods and services, use the company animated gifs. They allow you to interact directly with your community to have a closer contact and increase the notoriety of your company. Download your company gifs here.

fun company gif for instagram stories

Publish your stories by promoting your brand, your online coaching services, or your online training to companies going through crisis situations.

Your marketing strategy will be more effective if you include animated corporate gifs.

The vertcal gif format will help you create great instagram stories. In this way, you build a bond of trust with your community.


Chatbot is an excellent means of communication with Internet users. You just have to register your contacts in a list and it will be easier for you to relaunch them when the time comes with the company animated gifs.

For the effectiveness of your chatbot, it is essential to introduce animated gifs.

The chatbot messenger allows you to answer users’ questions. But the marketing aspect is nowadays the main function it is given.

If you are a company specializing in online coaching, company gifs come to illustrate your chatbots to give them more meaning. They motivate your customers and potential customers to take an interest in your business.

To increase interaction with your visitors, the animated company gifs will be very useful. They trigger more emotions in users than a simple sentence. In addition to creating more relevant scenarios, they trigger more emotions.

It will always be easier to understand a chatbot message inciting customers to buy a product or subscribe to online coaching when it is illustrated.

Animated gifs show the different uses of the good or service or the benefits of online marketing for a company.


If you have a customer base, you need to re-launch them with new offers or new products on a regular basis. This will guarantee the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Thanks to email marketing, you can create a direct link with your customers by offering them promotions and exclusive offers.

The animated gif, once integrated into your content allows you to quickly get your message across to your recipient. For example, with a company animated gif, you encourage them to take the action you expect.

The animated images that you put in your email should create surprise and bring originality. So if you overdo it, it can seriously damage your image.

Using gifs in email marketing campaigns allows you to reinforce the commitment of your community. Depending on your customers’ expectations, you use gifs that best illustrate your publications.

gif work company corporate

If you are responsible for a company and you do corporate communication, you need to highlight the strengths of your business, or illustrate a demonstration to arouse the interest of your customers.

A study even reveals that the majority of Internet users check their e-mail at least once a day.

Moreover, a company that sends emails containing gifs gets a higher return on investment than a simple text.

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