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Dental Gifs 🦷

Download dental gifs for your social advertising. Gif content and marketing video for dental office. Increase the impact of your online communication.

In this article, we will tell you about the GIFs we offer on our website and why you should use this technology between images and videos, the perfect compromise to promote your business with fun!


Graphics Interchange Format, more commonly known as “GIF” is a kind of digital format commonly used on the internet and in digital applications in the same way as emojis, images and videos. Simply put, it’s the same short clip of video running over and over again.

GIFs are a perfect representation of today’s digital world, short, simple interactive content that generates maximum visitor satisfaction and will therefore boost visitor engagement.

The GIF format also makes it possible to convey a message naturally


With more than 2.5 billion users, Facebook is one of the platforms with the greatest opportunity to attract prospects and then generate sales in your business, even for a dental practice.

It is possible to make different types of advertising or simply publish interactive content, GIFs are part of it. Unlike Google Ads, the traffic contribution is unlimited, you can literally target everyone on the platform, as long as you invest enough money in your ads.

Even if Facebook is very “friendly user”, the competition is extremely strong, the use of GIF in your Facebook Ads will allow you to distinguish yourself and be better highlighted by the algorithms of the platform.


The GIFs will be all the more highlighted on the Instagram platform, which has a billion users. Simply because the concept of this application is much more “visually” oriented than Facebook, users will linger on your GIF much longer.

In addition, the platform is generally used more by younger users, 16-25 year olds and younger still.

The GIF would even be the ideal format for the platform knowing that the average user doesn’t spend more than 2 to 3 seconds per publication, the GIF will be enough to stimulate and capture their attention much more optimally than a 2 to 4 minute video or a simple image.

If you want to use dental gifs to promote your dental clinic or other on the platform. You can on the one hand use GIFs in vertical format in your stories by adding a “swipe up” that will redirect the user to your website.

fun dental gif for storie

This is becoming more and more popular. You can also post classic GIFs in the News Feed.


There are other ways to exploit GIFs. Indeed, this format fits everywhere and can really make the difference between you and the competition, always with the idea of generating maximum engagement from prospects.

One of the other ways to use them would be on your website. Here’s how you could do it:

Chatbot messengers: by using chatbot messengers, you allow users to contact you directly on your website in a fast and efficient way. They can get the information they are looking for in the minute with good customer support from you.

You can use GIFs to animate this chatbot messengers. For example a GIF of Mister Bean waiting by the side of the road to tell them to be patient for a few minutes while you plan their next consultation in your office.
Product pages, sales pages, service pages: putting a few GIFs on the different pages of your website (without excess of course) will make the whole thing less austere, more pleasant and more fun!

For example, you can illustrate your service presentation sheets like a mouth radio with a funny GIF or a home-made GIF representing the whole team of your practice, in the “about us” page.


Once again, GIFs are very powerful to express a message or values in a simple and fun way and to capture the attention of your prospects.


Use it in your blog articles, there is nothing more annoying for a user to read an article without illustrations. Of course, pictures are good, but it’s all seen and seen again. Whereas GIFs…

They will also allow you to be better referenced by Google. Indeed, the use of GIFs allows SEO optimization and therefore a better ranking in search engines.

A mesmerizing GIF will capture the user’s attention and keep the time spent on the article and therefore increase its appeal for your product or service, especially if you add a tempting offer.


Email marketing is still relevant and remains an exceptional marketing and loyalty strategy. However, fewer and fewer people have the time, energy or motivation to read the emails sent by brands or companies, even just to open them.

So you need something more to make a difference, make your mark and stay in the heart of your customer. You will thus develop customer loyalty with exclusivities (promo code, marketing offer) and add GIFs in your emails to embellish the whole.

There is also the pleasure capital to take into account. Your customer must be looking forward to reading you. So give him a good reason to keep you in his subscriptions.

cheerful tooth brushing gif

The GIF will increase the opening rate, the opening time of the mail. In addition, email marketing will have a greater impact emotionally on your customers and economically on your sales.

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