Download free Animated Gif

Download animated gif for your online marketing. Use the power of images to best engage your audience. Free access to download animated gifs.

You are a web agency, an infopreneur, or simply have an online business? Then you necessarily need content to promote your products and services.

Here we will give you free access to download gifs and videos specially designed to capture the attention of your audience.

The impact of an animated gif in your marketing

The gif format has been used since the very creation of the internet. These small animated images allow you to convey an emotion or a mood quickly.

If you are in online marketing you know that the animated gif and video have an important place. And this will be true in the future especially in the field of advertising campaigns on social networks.

So what is the impact for your marketing? For starters, did you know that 64% of people who have bought a product or service online make this purchase after watching a video?

That’s just huge and it shows the power of a gif or a video. The gif can be a great way to boost your results on social networks, in your email marketing, chatbot or blog posts.

The different gif formats to download

You will have free access to a bank of gif and video specially created for marketing purposes. Content that is designed to help you improve the results of your marketing actions.

There are on Gifing a large number of animated gifs and videos made available to you in different themes. You can download them in three formats:

The Square Format: It is precisely 360Γ—360 px. It is the format of choice for advertising campaigns on Facebook and is also useful to animate your instagram account.

The Landscape Format: It is precisely 640Γ—360 px. You can use it to illustrate your blog articles or your email marketing reminders.

The Vertical Format: Its size is 360Γ—640 px. It is actually the format for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube stories. As you know the fashion in marketing is vertical.

So you have for each animated gif a base in video which is then proposed in HD mp4 format of course. But you’ll also find clips (which corresponds to gifs) and reverse gifs which are simply gifs that are played backwards to create a rather nice effect.

Animated gif to download for social networks

A community manager, a web agency, a brand, must have the tools to create quality content. Animating a community requires creativity and a large quantity of visuals to produce.

But creating video content or animated gif can take a lot of time, not to mention the budget that can quickly explode. If you have an idea you need to test it quickly it is one of the foundations of online marketing.

Animated gif to download for social networks

Use this animated gif bank whenever you feel like communicating with your community. You can also use these different videos and animations for your campaigns on Facebook ads, Instagram, Linkedin etc…

Using gif or video in your advertising packages will undoubtedly lower your customer acquisition cost. This is clearly the goal here – to produce content that captures the user’s attention and helps them take action.

Download animated gif for your email marketing

Email marketing is one of the pillars of marketing. If you have a customer base, you must know how to relaunch it correctly. The best customer is the one who has already bought something from you.

You have to take care of it and solicit it periodically with your new offers or new products. He has already bought, he trusts you and is eager to continue “a relationship” with you.

Download animated gif for your email marketing

This is the strength of email marketing, you can create a direct link with your customers by offering them promotions, exclusive offers. And the gif in all this? It will simply allow you to increase the click rate in your emails.

The animated gif allows you to quickly get your message across to your prospect / customer. And if you manage to give him a smile with a funny gif for example, there is more chance that he will perform the action you expect from him.

Download animated gifs for chatbot messenger

Chatbot is a great way to communicate with your community. If you manage to get someone on your list, you can then relaunch them directly with an animated gif.

The primary function of a chatbot messenger is to answer users’ questions. But very quickly the marketing aspect took over. We can compare the relaunch by chatbot to the relaunch by email or sms.

Download animated gifs for chatbot messenger

The opening rate is just phenomenal, when a person receives a message notification in messenger they receive a notification on their smartphone like a text message. So you can leverage this marketing lever to increase interaction with your visitors.

Using a gif allows you to create more relevant scenarios. Ideal for the call to action. The animated gif can be used as an answer and trigger more emotions than a simple sentence.

Download animated gif for your blog posts

Creating articles on a blog takes a lot of time and work. It is necessary to analyze the subject and its potential in terms of traffic. It is necessary to prepare the editorial line in advance. And above all it is necessary to write the article.

But the days when it was enough to line up words for referencing are now over. Your site must prove that it represents a real interest for its visitors. It must provide value. Otherwise you risk not appearing in Google search results.

Download animated gif for your blog posts

But how can google know if users like your site? It’s simple, it analyzes certain parameters such as the percentage of direct traffic, the bounce rate, and the time spent viewing your website pages.

It is therefore imperative that your article is well done and that it interests the reader. The interest for you to integrate an animated gif and that the user will lose precious seconds of his time watching it.

And then you immediately understand that it is essential to know how to play with the attention of your visitors. The more time a visitor spends on your article, the more likely it is to be better positioned in Google results.