Email Gif πŸ“§ – Gifs Marketing Content for your Emailing Campaigns

Get immediate access to many email gifs and boost the click through rate of your email campaigns. If you want to increase the impact of your message on your email database you have to give it the best!

Gif in an email explodes the click rate?

Yes it does! We are in the air of attention, and to attract a customer / prospect to your sales page or ask him to perform an action / a click it is necessary to stimulate his commitment.

We know you and I know that full text email with a nice blue link is still effective, but the implementation of a GIF allows you to convey emotions quickly.

And that’s the key to pass several information extremely quickly to his prospect so that he focuses on your message rather than the neighbor’s message.

The implementation of a GIF in your newsletters, or your e-mail reminders will boost your click rates. Don’t overuse it, but if you have the right GIF with the right call To action coupled with the right wording it can do wonders.

Creation Custom Gif for email

You want quality Gifs that meet precise specifications in terms of message, realisation, marketing? Be careful, the invoice can quickly fly away.

Only big structures can really afford to set up a content creation service and if you work in one of them you know that these services are overwhelmed.

So, how can you find Gifs for your emails if you are an entrepreneur or simply a human-sized company without a marketing department?

It’s simple, either you stick to your idea of customizing what beyond the financial cost will represent for you a significant burden in terms of time, with the preparation of different specifications, the round trips with the provider.

Either you click on this link to have access to the largest bank of GIF email marketing that will allow you to increase the click rate of your emails.

A bank of GIF more?

Gifing is a new platform that offers access to a large catalog of Gifs, but also videos that have been specially designed to increase the engagement of your audience.

We talk here about the interest of gifs for email marketing, but it can also be useful to animate your community on social networks, lower your acquisition costs on Facebook ads, help you create and write blog articles, set up animated chatbots.

Gifs have been an important part of marketing for many years now. Why is that? Because everyone loves Gifs. You’ve never wasted precious seconds in front of a cute kitten?

The impact is such that even networks such as Facebook allow the sharing of this type of content. Especially since the appearance of Stories, GIF and Video formats are gradually replacing the simple image.

Are you seriously still reading me? I’ll give you a big button just underneath so you can start reading without waiting to explode the click rates of your emails… πŸ˜‰

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