Science Gifs πŸ§ͺ – Gif & Video Content for Social Network Advertising

Science Gifs πŸ§ͺ

Download science gifs in the field of science or technology for your advertising on the social networks Facebook or Instagram. Gifs and videos have become an essential part of communication.

In just a few seconds you can pass a clear message with an animated gif. The purpose of the gif is to arouse emotion, it will help you quickly capture the attention of Internet users.

If you are a chemist, manager of a shop selling the latest generation of articles, don’t hesitate to use science gifs in your marketing content.

If you are promoting a brand of telephone, or household appliances, you will find here science gifs to increase the click rate on all your ads.


Gifs are small animated images that are very popular on the web. Most often humorous, they can also be demonstrative.

Inserted in your facebook ads, science gifs allow users’ brains to easily decipher the information.

The image is easily readable at first glance, while a text requires more effort to read and analyze.

Use science gifs to populate your professional facebook page. This allows you to expand your community.

However, choose gifs that are appropriate for your business and the information you are promoting.

Facebook is the social network that offers the most possibilities in terms of marketing campaigns.

So, your publications allow you to engage customers, and generate qualitative content to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you are a chemist or if you offer your experiments on your facebook page to sell your services to customers, you can illustrate them with animated science gifs.

If you represent a high-end phone brand with very advanced technology, download our science gifs to show the strengths of your brand, how it works and the innovations it brings.

For example, show how a simple mobile phone can make your everyday life easier with its advanced technology.


Instagram is an image-based social network that is growing in popularity every day. It’s a great way to showcase your company, products and services.

Integrating science gifs into your Instagram publications will give you even more visibility with your subscribers.

You will showcase your products and services by exposing their features and benefits.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, by using a quality animated gif, you give more value to what you want to sell.

woman scientist for storie instagram

The vertical image format used in instagram stories is increasingly used in marketing.

It allows you to show your products and services, their creation, as well as their use. So you have to be creative to get the attention of the internet users.

Apart from instagram, other social networks such as facebook, snapchat, youtube use stories in their content to promote their products and services.

If you want to create a nice instagram story to talk about the performance of a state-of-the-art intelligent robbot to clean your room, download our science gifs here.

Likewise, if you are marketing a fast kitchen appliance, insert the science gifs to promote your brand’s merits.

Show how in just a few minutes your meal is ready to be served, just by inserting the ingredients needed for cooking.


Chatbot is a program capable of conversing with an Internet user. The chatbot messenger allows an online dialogue and ensures the diffusion of your message to a target.

It is therefore in your best interest to create a chatbot by inserting animated science gifs in order to have a high rate of visibility.

The chatbot is essential to give automatic answers to the frequently asked questions of your users at any time of the day.

You will thus know the tastes of your customers and will propose them offers taking into account these parameters.

If you are a researcher and you do scientific experiments, bring your results to the knowledge of your community using science gifs showing your work technique, the steps of your work.

To get your message across clearly and reach the maximum number of users, it is essential to use science gifs.

Internet users are more sensitive to an animated gif than a simple text without images or videos. So to sell your latest generation scientific articles, download our science gifs here.

If you work in the field of science, don’t hesitate to use it in your chatbot.


If you have a blog and you write scientific articles, what sets you apart from others is the amount of time people spend on your blog.

So, to keep them coming back, you need to attract their attention by illustrating your writings with quality science gifs.

To write an article on the web, you have to take into account the content of the text, but also the notion of copyright.

This notion makes it clear to readers that the work is indeed subject to copyright. The gif bewitches Internet users and pushes them to go further in reading your articles.

It is an ideal way to avoid wasting readers’ time. In a few words, you can inform them about scientific advances in the field of your choice.

So don’t hesitate to download the science animated gifs on our online platform to impress them and arouse their interest.

Funny man scientist

With a science gif the reader can imagine being in the middle of scientific experimentation of the product or service. He gets into the editor’s skin and lives this experience with him.

The reader saves not only time, but also reliable information.

If he or she does not consult any other page outside yours repeatedly, you will lower your bounce rate, which is an important SEO indicator.

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