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Download gifs in the field of travel. These gifs and videos are specially designed to boost the engagement of your visitors.

The gif format allows you to get your message across quickly. Emotion being important in the travel industry, it will help you to immediately attract attention to your services.

If you are a web agency and you manage the Facebook advertising campaigns of a travel agency.

You will find here some travel gifs that will help you to increase the click rate on your advertising packages. This will help you reduce the cost of lead acquisition for your customer.


There are a large number of advertising agencies where you can buy traffic. But Facebook is the platform that certainly offers the most possibilities.

Inserting a travel gif in your Facebook ads campaigns will allow you to explode your results compared to a campaign using a simple image.

So why does Facebook offer more possibilities? Quite simply, because the traffic contribution is unlimited. Compared to Google adwords which is limited to the number of searches on a keyword. Facebook can display your content to its entire audience. If you have the budget of course. πŸ˜‰

To create an effective Facebook campaign, you need to propose a nice trip, but above all you need to be able to illustrate it.

On a beach with palm trees, it’s always a dream come true. But today it takes more to engage users.

The competition is tough on Facebook ads and any agency or person wishing to promote a travel activity must have the necessary gif or video content.


If you work in the travel industry, you can’t pass up instagram. However, the animation of an instagram account requires even more visual quality.

This is the essence of this social network. You have to be able to quickly attract users’ attention and commitment.

If you want to create a nice instagram story to talk about a trip I invite you to download all our gifs here.

The vertical format used in stories is more and more used in marketing. You’ve certainly noticed that it’s not only instagram that uses the story format, but also Facebook, snapchat, youtube. It’s quite simple, everyone is getting into it.

So if you want to promote a sightseeing cruise, if you want to highlight a promotion or sales on a specific trip. The vertical gif format will help you create great stories.


The chatbot has become a powerful tool in terms of online marketing. We can even talk about direct marketing here.

Why is that? Because finally the Chatbot allows you to have an immediate relationship with your users. A bit like a reminder by email or sending SMS messages.

Then you can of course create a chatbot entirely with text. This chatbot can already be able to answer questions from your users about your travels, destinations, etc…

But if you want to go a step further the use of travel gif can bring the little visual touch that will make all the difference in terms of commitment.

The craziest part is that if a user asks your chatbot a question on Facebook. He immediately finds himself on a mailing list. You see the parallel with emailing is still there.

So you will be able to send him a message whenever you want to offer him a trip or a promotion on a flight. And what do you think will talk to him the most? An animated travel gif or a banal text sentence?

holiday gif

The gifs are powerful for capturing attention. In less than a few seconds your prospect understands the message you want to convey.

You can integrate them to share emotions, mood, information. They literally allow you to create an attractive sales scenario.

And we know you and I know that to sell a trip you have to bring a touch of magic and a dream. A good chatbot with animated gifs is very effective.


If you are more SEO oriented or have a travel blog you need several good on-site metrics. Which metrics are the most important?

We will select two of them. The bounce rate and the time spent on your travel site. If you write articles, you know that you need to quickly capture the attention of your reader.

So you have to hypnotize him. To do this you have of course your text which is very important. Copyrighting has become an obligatory skill to stand out from the crowd. But you should not underestimate the power of gifs, especially in the field of travel.

An article that tells us about a trip to a heavenly place with the help of an animated gif will always take us a few more seconds of attention than all the text in the world.

Unlike reading, viewing a travel gif does not require any effort. The reader immediately finds himself on a beautiful beach drinking his mojito.

Hypnotize your visitors – the term may be a bit strong. But from you to me you have never wasted any time watching a gif πŸ˜‰ ?

Well ok we’ve increased the time spent, but for the bounce rate how to do ? I want to tell you that gifs will still help you. If you follow this direct link, you’ll have access to gifs specially designed for the call to action.

The call to action is necessary to push a reader to click, in order to send him/her back to your travels, to register him/her in your services or in your agency. So certainly a button does the job very well. But once again you should not neglect the influence that a gif can have on your readers.

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